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Give to the Max Day is November 12th.  Click HERE to see where your generous donation will be used.  

Thank you!

Our major fundraiser is our annual Golf Tournament and Dinner.  The tournament is designed to be fun for everyone from beginner to experienced golfer.  If you can't spend the day golfing with us, consider coming for the dinner.  




DaVinci Academy participates in fundraisers that produce revenues for various educational needs. These are important activities, and we encourage our families and friends to take advantage of these opportunities to help our school fund some of its ongoing needs.



The DaVinci Academy School Development Committee monitors and/or organizes all fundraising events for the school. A "fundraising event" is defined as any activity that is conducted on behalf of DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science to raise funds and/or produce tangible items (e.g. books) and/or to enhance a school activity (e.g. poinsettias for the holiday music program). A Fundraising Event Application form must be submitted for School Development Committee review prior to the event. This process will be enforced for all fundraising events.  Please note that the PTO may also conduct separate fundraising efforts.

Easy Ways to Raise Funds for DaVinci Academy

One of the easiest ways to raise funds for DaVinci Academy is through participation in a great program called “Take Charge of Education” offered by Target Corporation. Under it, you receive a discount on purchases made at Target and they make a school donation of 1% of the purchase amount if you are enrolled in the program and have designated DaVinci Academy (School ID No. 149783) as your donation recipient. Visit to learn more. It’s a great way save some money and raise funds that go directly to our school, to spend at our discretion.

Lands’ End has a “School Rewards Program” that provides DaVinci Academy the opportunity to benefit from any clothing purchased from their school catalog, from the school uniform section of their website, or from special kiosks in Lands’ End and Sears retail stores. The amount of the benefit ranges from 1% to 3% of total purchases by people who have identified our school as the benefit recipient. We encourage you to take a look at what Lands’ End has to offer, at Merchandise includes everything from children’s uniform wear to men’s and women’s casual clothing. DaVinci Academy’s school identifying number under the Lands’ End program is 900142712. When making your purchase, please refer to this number. If you do not have it available at the time of your purchase, you can also find us under the full school name, DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science. 
In addition, programs offered by General Mills, Campbells, Kemps and others are administered by our active Parent and Teachers Organization (PTO). Click HERE for details on our PTO activities.