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DaVinci Academy is again giving parents the opportunity to save time and money by paying an upfront fee for a portion of the required classroom supplies and having the school order them on as-needed basis. This not only makes shopping easier for your family but also eliminates the storage issues we face during the year. We have negotiated special prices for these items from our supply vendor and included only those things for which we could get a better bulk rate. The "school purchase/parent reimburse" items are limited to supplies such as printer paper, hand sanitizer, glue sticks, and sanitizer wipes. This process will substantially shorten the "familiy responsibility" list of supplies you need to shop for and bring to school.  

You may choose to pay DaVinci Academy for the items on the "school purchase/parent reimburse" list or you may decide to purchase these items along with those listed on the "familiy responsibility" list. Supplies and supply fees will be collected at New Family Night and Returning Student Registration Days (dates and times to be published soon). 

If you have questions on this, please contact Terry Moffatt or Lee Swearingen.


School Supply Lists