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DaVinci Academy utilizes SpringBoard®, the official Pre-AP® program from the College Board that provides rigorous instruction in English language arts and math for students in grades six through 12. This program helps students prepare in earlier grades for the demands of Advanced Placement® (AP) courses.

SpringBoard is a rigorous, highly engaging, student-centered, interactive and standards-based curriculum. The SpringBoard research-based curriculum enables students to build skills and understanding that prepares them for Advanced Placement and college-level coursework.

DaVinci Academy uses SpringBoard Pre-AP® classes to prepare its students for future success in an accelerated learning environment.


SpringBoard uses a systematic approach to:

  • Increase rigor in the curriculum
  • Improve diversity in AP courses
  • Provide students with 21st century skills 
  • Prepare students to succeed in AP and college courses
  • Challenge and engage all students