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Current School Board Sub-Committees

The school board has established the following committees to address existing needs at the school. As circumstances change, committees may be be deleted or added, as school board deems appropriate.

Each of the committees is chaired by a member of the school board. All other positions are voluntary, and participation by DaVinci Academy stakeholders is strongly encouraged. If you are interested, please contact the committee chair for more details. We will welcome and appreciate your participation.

The primary objectives of our current committees are outlined below.  For more information on individual committee activities, click on the committee name.


Chair: Erin Nelson
Vice Chair: Andy Wallschlaeger
Finance Committee
Chair: Valerie Slaymaker
Vice chair: Mike Keeley

Manages the finances of DaVinci Academy with the highest integrity and ensures professional accounting practices are followed.

Chair: Matt Manning
Vice Chair: Dale Lieb

Reviews and recommends appropriate and supportable compensation and bonus programs for teachers and staff that are in DaVinci Academy's best interests and aligned with its business mission and strategy to reward and retain quality employees.

Policy Committee
Chair: Andy Wallschlaeger
Vice Chair: Erin Nelson

Documents and tracks current policies and practices, reviews and recommends changes to existing policies and practices, and drafts and recommends new policies and practices, as needed.

Chair: Stacey Persons
Vice Chair: Dale Lieb
Coordinates all fundraising and grant application activities conducted at the school to ensure those opportunities are maximized.
Curriculum/Technology Committee
Chair: Nicole Brown
Vice Chair: Matt Manning



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