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Why Donate to a Charter School?



  •   What does DaVinci Academy have to offer?


DaVinci Academy offers its students and families a unique academic experience, focusing on an individualized approach to learning.  With our emphasis on arts and sciences and our strong positive reinforcement strategy, we assist our families and the community in raising children to be confident, successful adults.


  •   Why should I donate to a school that already receives public funds?


Although DaVinci Academy received grant monies to help cover start-up costs, those grant funds are no longer available.  The school receives per-student funding from the State of Minnesota, but that funding does not cover all of our education costs.  We do not share in special, substantial levy funding that non-charter public schools regularly receive, and need to rely on other grants, donations and fundraising to cover operational costs.


  •   Why would my gift to DaVinci Academy make a difference?


DaVinci Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  We have been fiscally responsible and are currently operating within our revenues.  However, in order to grow our school and maintain the academic standards we have set, we must raise funds from the private sector.  We will sincerely appreciate whatever financial support you can provide in helping us achieve that mission.


  •   I have other questions.  Who should I contact?


Click HERE to see other frequently asked giving questions.  If you still need to speak with us, please contact Ms. Lach, our Executive Director, at 763-754-6648 or via e-mail  at