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DaVinci Academy began like many other charter schools in Minnesota -- by a parent who was looking for a different way for students to learn.  Kathy Reinartz, mother of two, researched differentiated education and knew that many children would benefit from this individualized approach to learning.

Prior to founding DaVinci Academy, Ms. Reinartz was involved in another charter school in Columbia Heights. It was there she learned of the Core Knowledge sequence and curriculum. Core Knowledge provides a clear and sequenced curriculum, building on knowledge year after year.

Because the northern suburbs were home to many technology firms, it seemed logical to give a science and technology priority to the new school.  And much like Leonardo DaVinci himself, the science cannot exist without the arts.  DaVinci Academy also gives priority to the arts, which allows the students to become well-rounded in their creative thought processes.

In July 2007, the charter proposal for DaVinci Academy was submitted to the State Department of Education.  Of the 21 other charter proposals submitted at that time, only 11 were approved. 

DaVinci Academy opened in September of 2008, with 160 students enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade.  By the end of the first year, nearly 190 students were attending DaVinci Academy.  Seventh grade was added in 2009 and eighth grade in 2010, bringing total enrollment in the 2010 – 11 school year to 375 students.  That enrollment expanded to 410 students in the 2011 – 12 school year, with two sections of kindergarten through grade six and one section of grades seven and eight. 




We have found DaVinci Academy to be a wonderful environment for both learning and excelling. Our children  love to go to school and are very proud to tell others about their school. The teaching staff is phenomenal - I've never seen more dedication, care, or personal involvement at any other school my children have attended.

- DaVinci Parent