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DaVinci Academy’s intersession program offers students, in all grades, additional opportunities to grow and learn. Intersession classes are scheduled for two specific weeks throughout the school year. One annual intersession is mandatory and the second intersession is optional. Participation in the optional intersession is voluntary, but the school strongly encourages student participation. During intersessions, regular classes are suspended and students are given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of a particular subject area. Optional intersession curriculum costs vary depending on the topics being offered.

Intersessions in the past have included such subjects as:

  • Dinosaurs, which included a field trip to the Science Museum
  • Theater, in which students wrote and performed an original screen play
  • Video Gaming, which included the math and science behind the game and a field trip to Activision
  • Pottery included a field trip to the Clay Center, and had students design and fire their pottery in our school's kiln
  • Pay it Forward, focused on how kids can give back to their community. Students helped local organizations such as the Humane Society, food shelves, nursing homes and local parks
  • Intents, where students enjoyed an outdoor experience that included cooking, adventure activities, camping, and survival skills with an overnight camping trip at a local campground
  • Holidays Around the World, allowed students to experience world holidays and traditions through crafts, food, and celebrations. Students were introduced to a variety of holidays such as Diwali, Japanese Doll Festival, May Day and Mardi Gras.


During the January 2011 intersession class, two groups of students attended a field trip to Wild Mountain and were featured on WCCO news.    Click here to view the story and video.




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--William Arthur Ward