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DaVinci Connection-October 23, 2020

School Links

Important Dates

(subject to change-see online calendar)

10/26  Board Meeting, 6:00 pm

10/27  Picture Day, Cohort A *NOTE NEW DAY

10/29  Picture Day, Cohort B *NOTE NEW DAY

11/11  School Development Meeting, 3:30 pm

11/11  Finance Committee Meeting, 4:30

11/19  Last Day of Tri 1

11/20-11/30  No School

12/2 Picture Retake Day + Distance Students

Attendance Line: 763-252-6130

Parents should call the attendance line at 763-252-6130 before 9:00 a.m. of the day your child will be absent. This phone number is available 24 hours a day to leave a message. Please leave the following information on the recording:

  • Date your child will be absent
  • First and last name of your child
  • Reason for the absence
  • Name of the parent/guardian who is calling

If you know your child(ren) will be gone more than three consecutive days, you will need to fill out an extended absence form four to six weeks in advance. Please send the Extended Absence Form to Ms. Moffatt.


To the left, you will find helpful links to important pages on our website.

Ms. Silkey-Jones

Dear DaVinci Community:

We hope you had a great fall break! 

We are gearing up for our final four weeks of the first trimester at DaVinci Academy. Thank you for your continued support of our students and community as we navigate this school year together.

As Anoka County is experiencing a rise in COVID cases our middle school students will be transitioning back to distance learning effective November 2. If you missed the communication we sent out on October 22, 2020 please click here to review all pertinent information.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

My Best,

Ms. Silkey-Jones' signature

Need to Know

Picture Day- Updated Information

We have moved up the date for school photos to be taken in order to include the middle school students while they are still at school.  Please remember that students must be in their uniform.

Group A Students : Tuesday, October 27

Group B Students: Thursday, October 29

Families with children who are distance learning are invited to come in to the school on Wednesday, December 2 to have their photos taken.   If you do not feel comfortable coming in to the school to participate in school photos we have another option for you.  You can submit a photo your child to be included in the yearbook.  Please note the following instructions:

  1. Students must be in uniform
  2. Students must be photographed inside, in front of a solid colored background.  A light colored wall is preferred over a brick or wallpapered wall.
  3. Students should be facing the camera straight on or angled slightly to their right.
  4. Cell phone photos will have sufficient resolution for submission (minimum 300 DPI)  BUT Snapchat photos, or screen shots of photos will not work – original photos with no filters only.
  5. Photo submissions should be emailed to and should include the child’s name, teacher, and grade.

Please contact Holly Fischer with any questions or concerns.

Did You Know That DaVinci Academy is on Facebook and Instagram?

Check us out!



Starting the week of October 19, we will be sharing fun happenings at DaVinci Academy through both Facebook and Instagram. Please note that these platforms will not replace Bloomz or email for communicating important information from the school or your child’s teachers.

Why Social Media?Image of the Vitruvian Man, with the words Follow Us DaVinci Academy

  1. Celebrate our students.
  2. Keep parents, students, alumni, and the community in the loop of what is happening at our schools.
  3. Promote events and share information about athletics, activities, no school announcements, and other reminders.
  4. Build an ongoing conversation about the positive impact our schools are making in the lives of our students!

What do I need to do?

  • If you are on these social media sites – follow us!
  • If you see a post from DaVinci, be sure to like, comment and share!
  • Help promote the pages to your family and friends.
  • If you aren’t on these sites – that’s OK. The school will continue to provide communication through traditional channels.

Any questions about social media can be directed to

DVA SEAC Special Education Advisory Council announcement with a stack of colorful bool with a red apple on top

If you are a parent of child that receives Special Education services, consider attending our DaVinci Academy Special Education Advisory Council on Tuesday, November 10, from 5:00-6:00 pm, virtually. Please contact Kari Peterson, Special Education Director, at, if you are interested or would like more information.

Language Survey

Minnesota is home to speakers of more than 100 different languages. The ability to speak and understand multiple languages is valued. The information you provide will be used by the school district to see if your student is multilingual.
In Minnesota, students who are multilingual may qualify for a Multilingual Seal upon further assessment. Additionally, the information you provide will determine if your student should take an English proficiency test. Based upon the results of the test, your student may be entitled to English language development instruction. Access to instruction is required by federal and state law.
As a parent or guardian, you have the right to decline English Learner instruction at any time. Every enrolling student must be provided with the Minnesota Language Survey during enrollment. Information requested on this form is important to us to be able to serve your student. Your assistance in completing the Minnesota Language Survey is greatly appreciated.

Media Opt Out

As we share more about our DaVinci community with posts on our DaVinci Facebook page, this is a reminder that you can opt-out to have your child’s picture shared.  Here is a link for the media opt out release form. It can also be found on the website, Students & Parents>Forms & Information>Media Opt Out.

Hoodies Are Not Part of the Uniform

We are seeing an increased number of hoodie sweatshirts being worn during the school day.  Please reference the uniform policy for appropriate long sleeved options for your child.

The Minnesota Rural Broadband Coalition is conducting a statewide crowd-sourced internet speed testing initiative.

We are encouraging everyone in your home who has an online device to take a simple, 1 minute internet speed test.  This test will determine the level of our broadband connectivity in an effort to expand broadband access in our district.  An average speed will be calculated if multiple tests are taken from the same address.

Click on the link: Let the test run and you are finished.

About the initiative:
MRBC (MN Rural Broadband Coalition), is pleased to announce the kickoff of an historic event for broadband expansion.  GEO Partners, LLC will be conducting a statewide crowdsourcing broadband speed test over the next several months.  At a time when students are required to learn from home via the internet—when parents are being asked to stay home and, in many cases, work from home requiring broadband connectivity—there is no better time to conduct this statewide speed test.  This initiative will provide statistically valid data that can be used for FCC, USDA, or MN State Border-to-Border grants. This information will give Minnesota a leg up on other regions of the country that rely on inadequate FCC mapping and speed data for grant applications.

COVID-19-Community Testing Stay Safe MN

The Minnesota Department of Health works in partnership with communities to provide safe and free on-site COVID-19 testing in areas with outbreaks, increasing cases, or other barriers to access existing test sites. Click here for more information on testing sites and saliva tests.

Visit COVID-19 Community Testing to sign up for an appointment or learn more.

Nice to Know

Support Space Ms. Hathaway Ms. RoweMs. Derby

Hey DaVinci Community!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! DaVinci’s Mental Health Team is here to provide more information on this topic, and what we can do as a community to prevent bullying from happening.

Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending themselves. At school we teach students that conflict, meanness, and bullying are different. Bullying and meanness are never ok, but we want to distinguish between them as we have different responses on these issues. Conflict is a normal part of friendships, and we teach students how to manage and resolve conflict with one another. When a student is bullied, we encourage them to reach out to safe adults at school and at home for help. This includes any trusted adult- all staff members are prepared to help students get the support they need!

Students learn best when we work as a team to help them, so we would love for you to reinforce this at home as well. We are here to help support you with further resources around these issues.

You can view our school’s policy on bullying by clicking here.

Resources to Learn More:

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. You can also set up a meeting with any member of our team for further resources and support!

Phoenix Hathaway (K-4 School Counselor) (763) 200-1338

Melissa Derby (5-8 School Counselor) (763) 200-1281

Courtney Rowe (K-8 School Social Worker) (763) 200- 6081


Recess Attire

clipart of a moose wearing a red coat and gray stocking cap with ice and snow on it's antlersIt is that time of the year where temperatures outside can really fluctuate.  Please see the list below for clothing recommendations. There will be outdoor recess on all weather permitted days. We will have indoor recess on days when it’s raining or below zero degrees. 

  • 60 degrees or higher- short/long sleeve shirts
  • 45-60 degrees- light jacked/hooded sweatshirts
  • 44 degrees or lower-winter coat, hats, and gloves
  • Snow pants and boots are required when there is snow


Employment Needs at DaVinci Academy

 Spread the word!

  • Paraprofessional – Special Education (FT and Sub positions) 
  • Long-Term Substitute Teacher 
  • On-Call Substitute Teacher
  • Child Care Assistant (FT or PT)
  • Educational Assistant (support with distance learning in child care)

For more information about these positions, please see the Employment page of our website.

Bus Drivers Needed

There is a state wide bus driver shortage and Kottkes’ Bus Services Inc. is looking for people who are interested in transporting our students.   Please call 763-755-3100 if you are interested in learning more about a bus driver position.

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