Ms. Lach and 5 students at the gold tournament

Dollars for DaVinci

Who: All grade levels K-8 will have the opportunity to help raise money for arts and science enrichment at our school! Please note, this is absolutely not required.

What: An envelope for students’ “Dollars for DaVinci” benefiting technology at our school is being sent home today. It is our goal that each classroom will raise at least $250 and become hole/tee sponsor! (e.g. Hole 5 is sponsored by the graduating class of 2026 and their families).  Last year, Dollars for DaVinci raised $5,000!

Where: Please have your child bring their dollars in the envelope and give to their teacher. If you are using additional envelopes, please write “Dollars for DaVinci” on the outside, and include your child’s name on the envelope, their grade level and their teacher’s name.  You may remain anonymous, but please write your child’s grade level and “Dollars for DaVinci” at a minimum.

Each class will track of how much money being raised by filling in a picture of a tee outside their classroom.

When: Your child may turn in envelopes anytime between now and April 1st, 2016.

How: Get the kids involved!  Ideas for kids to help earn money:

  • Doing extra chores around the house
  • Asking family, friends and neighbors for donations
  • Helping neighbors with chores at their house
  • Setting up a lemonade stand

Please contact Megan Steinbruckner or Melissa Kaiser if you have any questions.

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