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G2TM15: Getting Amped up for the Arts!

If they’re singing or acting,
DaVinci kids put on a show.
Why can’t we hear them?
Does anyone know?

I hear a crackle,
I hear pop.
Help us, help us!
Please make it stop!

We want to fix our speakers,
and microphones too.
We want to hear our kids clearly
So this is your cue.

This is OUR chance
To hear our kids shine,
To hear them play drums,
And deliver their lines!

Get to a computer
A cell phone will do,
For this next part,
We really need YOU!

Celebrate Give to the Max Day 2015 with DaVinci Academy!

DaVinci Academy is seeking donations to upgrade and repair our sound equipment to project our art events, athletic activities and musical programs throughout the year. Every little bit helps!

Join us for Give to the Max Day on November 12, and you could help us receive a $1,000 Golden Ticket. Just make an online donation on, and your donation will be entered into an hourly drawing for a $1,000 GiveMN Golden Ticket – which could go to DaVinci Academy! That adds up to 24 opportunities for you to help us receive an extra $1,000!

Here’s the really exciting part: One donation made on will be randomly selected at noon and at the end of Give to the Max Day to receive a $10,000 Super-Sized GiveMN Golden Ticket!

Help increase our odds and make the most of your gift by making a donation for November 12 on Follow the link below now to schedule your 11/12/15 donation and support DaVinci Academy and our cause:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the link above with your friends and family who love and care about DaVinci Academy. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share with your friends!

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