The Capital Campaign Committee has been working hard with the teachers and administration on finding creative and fun ways to use our new outdoor space.    Here are some of the best ideas.

The Comet Spinner will be the hit of the new playground.

This is an outdoor learning space that could be used for lessons or drama.

Music making on the playground.

Fitness Station

There will be a walking path around our pond and fitness equipment stations would be a great addition to that space.

One way to help us raise enough funds for these great ideas is to donate through our page.   November 17th we raised over $7,200. towards the playground during Give to the Max Day.

The playground is broken down into square feet in order to give you an idea of what the project needs.

  • $9,855 Pays for 365 square feet of playground
  • $5,995 Pays for 10 station fitness equipment and walking trail
  • $2599 Pays for 1 Rope Climber
  • $1600 Pays for 1 Comet Spinner
  • $477 Pays for 1 bench
  • $270 Pays for 10 square feet of playground
  • $135 Pays for 5 square feet of playground
  • $27 Pays for 1 square foot of playground

This is just the beginning. so keep checking back for more information.