Expansion Update From The Board – October, 2016

Is it done yet?  Is it done yet?  Is it done yet? —> While the new school is not quite at the “it’s just over the next hill” stage, we are excited to report that the construction process is well underway.  For those that have not driven by the new site in recent weeks, the old building demolition is complete and the site is now fully graded.  The next stage is getting the parking lot completed prior to the end of the season.  As that work proceeds, the outer walls will be cast by the concrete manufacturer in preparation for construction of the shell of the building through the final months of 2016.  The entire outer portion of the building—both roof and walls—is scheduled for completion by the end of January 2017.  Meanwhile, the architects continue to refine the interior finishes and the final construction drawings.  The full interior plan should be issued sometime this month.  Overall, the entire project continues on schedule.  Continue to check the DaVinci Academy website for updated pictures of the construction progress over the coming weeks!


Making the outside as beautiful as the inside —> As the construction teams focus on the building, the DaVinci Academy Capital Campaign Task Force continues its planning to make the grounds surrounding the school just as beautiful as the school structure itself.  As you may recall, the bond funds from the bond sale will be used to cover the school expansion and all vendor fees associated with the construction of the new school.  What the bond funds do not cover are all the extra niceties inside and out that will make DaVinci Academy even more spectacular.  The task force has been hard at work in developing a fundraising plan to first address a number of priorities teachers and administrators have identified for the outdoor spaces.  At the top of this list is a playground.  The task force is already in talks with three different playground design vendors to review potential layouts, discuss various options, and consider equipment installation costs.  The task force will then work with the DaVinci Academy Board of Directors to design this first phase of the capital campaign and target a rollout date.  If you would like to contribute to the Capital Campaign Task Force or if you are involved in an industry that may wish to offer free or discounted materials such as lumber, tools, equipment, and other building and/or landscaping materials we would appreciate hearing from and working with you!  Please contact Melanie Persellin at 763-742-9472 to discuss these opportunities or email at mpersellin@hotmail.com.


The wheels on the bus go round and round and round and round… —> The logistics of bus transportation at DaVinci Academy are a true challenge given the broad geographic spread of the student body.  While school administrators aim to keep routes under an hour in duration for every student that rides the bus, this has not always been possible.  The new location of DaVinci Academy starting in the fall of 2017 and the increased number of students will add further complexity to ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient transport for those that need it.  School leadership has already begun tackling the issue by requesting proposals for an efficiency study of all current bus routes.  This study will inform DaVinci Academy administration of what has worked well and what has not worked well with the current bussing structure so that these considerations can feed into the new route modeling process that will take place upon completion of 2017-2018 enrollment next spring.  Results of the efficiency study will be shared with the board in the coming weeks.

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