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Jenna Schall

Special Education Teacher

Jenna Schall is a special education teacher at DaVinci Academy. She received her special education degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Jenna was involved in the educational community through her cohort and participated in special education volunteer/work opportunities in the community of Stevens Point. Jenna has taught in various ability settings in Minnesota and outside of the country.  Her experience teaching cross culturally provided her with the opportunity to develop a sense of open-mindedness to other’s way of living, teaching and learning. Through her experiences, Jenna has a new found appreciation for the educational system in the United States and is thankful for the opportunities that are given to those in need of alternative educational services.

Jenna came to DaVinci Academy to find a community of teachers who strive to grow as professionals; classrooms that demonstrate all styles of learning and students who have a passion to learn.  Jenna was elated to discover these aspects and more at this gem of school.  An aspect of DaVinci Academy that Jenna loves is the active goal setting for students and teachers and the sense of responsibility of reaching those goals. “DaVinci Acadmey is an exciting and thriving community to be a part of.”