The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) tracks and lists data and results for all schools in Minnesota. View DaVinci Academy’s School Report Card to see all information about our school demographics, test results, academic progress and performance and more.

Below are some highlights from the report and general information about our school.

2013 – 2015 Student Achievement Level

Academic Standards: Are students meeting academic standards?
This report shows the achievement level distribution by subject of tested students with valid scores on a state accountability test. The goal for Minnesota districts/schools is to increase the percentage of students earning an achievement level of “Meets the Standards” or “Exceeds the Standards” while decreasing the percentage of students earning an achievement level of “Partially Meets the Standards” or “Does Not Meet the Standards.”
Due to rounding procedures it is possible for the sum of the percentages to minimally exceed 100%.

DaVinci 2013-15 Student Achievement Level
Year Exceeds Meets Partially Meets Does Not Meet
2013 # (%) 91 (36.8%) 91 (36.8%) 46 (18.6%) 19 (7.7%)
2014 # (%) 93 (35.9%) 110 (42.5%) 41 (15.8%) 15 (5.8%)
2015 # (%) 114 (42.7%) 108 (40.4%) 29 (10.9%) 16 (6.0%)

Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR): 90.70%

School Performance: What are our Multiple Measurement Ratings?
The Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) is a measurement of school performance used for holding schools accountable under Minnesota’s approved No Child Left Behind waiver. The MMR considers the proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduation rates of schools. Points are assigned in each of the four domains based on how well the school performed, and the total MMR is the percentage of possible points that the school earned. The Focus Rating (FR) is a secondary measurement within the MMR that measures schools specifically on the performance of student groups that exhibit an achievement gap in Minnesota.

DaVinci MMR Score 2015
Domain Score
Proficiency 25.00 points
Growth 19.35 points
Achievement Gap Reduction 23.67 points
TOTAL POINTS 68.02 points
Possible points 75 points

2011-2015 Proficiency

Test Results: How are students performing academically?
This report shows the percent of students tested who meet or exceed achievement standards set by Minnesota educators. The proficiency trends shows results over time for each subject. The goal for Minnesota students is proficiency in all subject areas.
Comparisons can be made by adding another district or school view.
New, more rigorous achievement standards were implemented in 2011 for mathematics and in 2013 for reading. For this reason, comparisons between the percentages of students who scored proficient in mathematics from 2010 to 2011 and in reading from 2012 to 2013 should be done only when keeping in mind the standards changed from one year to the next.

DaVinci Academy Proficiency Scores 2015
Year % Proficient # Proficient # Tested
2011 73.2% 164 224
2012 74.9% 191 255
2013 73.7% 182 247
2014 78.4% 203 259
2015 83.1% 222 267

Students "On-Track" for Success

Student Progress: Are students making expected growth?
The Minnesota Growth Model was designed with input from parents and educators to determine if students are gaining and maintaining skills necessary to be academically successful. Growth towards that goal is classified as low, medium or high.
For each student in the state, scores from last year are compared to the current year. Expectations are set based on average improvements from year to year on statewide assessments. Students considered “on track” include proficient students who made medium or high growth and non-proficient students who made high growth.
This provides an indication of how well your district/school is doing to help students know and understand the content of the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards.

Davinci Students on track for success 2011-15
Year Percent On-Track
2011 73.8%
2012 52.1%
2013 70.9%
2014 70.4%
2015 79.3%

Descriptions of each indicator are courtesy of Minnesota Report Card’s website.