Student Culture & Character Development

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and is the program that we use school wide to create a positive and safe learning culture for all of our students. Expectations are explicitly taught and reinforced through:

Positive Referrals

Teachers write personalized commendations when a student has gone above and beyond expectations. Students then get to call home and read those positive messages to parents.

SPARK Tickets

When students display any of the SPARK behaviors, they are acknowledged personally with a ticket that goes into a drawing for prizes each week.

Student of the Month

Students who help to define the character trait of the month in their daily interactions at school are nominated by teachers for Student of the Month.  Those nominations are read at the monthly assembly and parents are invited to attend the celebration for those students.

Sub Stub Program

Students who show exceptional leadership and helpfulness when a substitute teacher is in a classroom can be awarded a Sub Stub.  If their stub is drawn in the weekly drawing, they are awarded a Subway sandwich of their choice for lunch.
DaVinci Academy Show Spark sign

SPARK Values


Tolerance Honesty



Positive Speech

Self-Control Good Citizenship



Initiative & Effort Goal Setting
Friendship Positive Thoughts



Having Hopes & Dreams Being a Good Example
Patience Communication Keeping a Positive Attitude
Resolving Conflicts Wisely Thankfulness

Facing Challenges

Developing Talents