This page will be continually updated over the summer to provide important information to help you prepare for next year. Check back often.

Receive Newsletters and Important Updates – If you are not currently receiving the email school newsletter, sign up using the form at the very bottom of this page.  Look for “Email Sign-up”.

Parent Portal – Please update your household information as needed by logging into your parent portal account through Infinite Campus.  New families will receive account information in August.

School Policies –  Please review the school policies annually as they are subject to change. Below are a few commonly downloaded policies. All school policies can be found on the School Policies page under the Our School tab.


2019-20 Academic Calendar


Event Calendar – The Event Calendar you will find the online calendar that is updated with school days, activities, meetings, etc. View the Calendar here.

Important Dates

August 8:  (3:00 pm to 7:00 pm) All Families (currently enrolled families) Open House  Families will have a chance to

  • Drop off student supplies
  • Find out homeroom teacher assignments or class schedules
  • Set Silent Dismissal End of Day settings, if you haven’t done this already
  • Ensure you will get teacher & school communications – Update Infinite Campus Parent Portal settings
  • New families – turn in Registration Forms and any other required documents
  • Turn in updated immunization reports, if needed (see here for forms and guidelines)
  • Turn in student medication, authorization forms and plans, if needed
  • Deposit money into student food service accounts 
  • Meet with available teachers and staff.

August 13- First day of school: Grades 1-8

August 13 & 14- Kindergarten Family Conferences:  Ms. Borg, Mrs. Creary, Mrs. Holle & Mrs. Metty, Mrs. Steinbruckner will contact kindergarten families to schedule a meeting at school on one of these two days.

August 15 – First day of school: Kindergarten

September 14Annual Color Run

September 16-17: 6th Grade Environmental Learning Center Retreat

September 18-20: 7th and 8th Grade Environmental Learning Center Retreats

September 20: Picture Day for Grades K-6 (students must wear their uniforms) Picture day this year is scheduled on the same day that 7th and 8th grade students will be at an offsite retreat.  So, those students will get their picture taken on Friday, October 25, which is our scheduled retake day.  Please make every attempt to ensure your student is present that day so that their photo can be included in the year book.

October 25: Picture Retake day (students must wear their uniforms).  7th and 8th graders will have their pictures taken on this day.

School Supplies: Download and print student supply lists.  If purchasing school supplies is a financial burden for your family, please contact Ms. Moffatt regarding assistance in obtaining needed materials.


Bus Schedules:  Refer to the June 1 or June 24, email from Mrs. Fischer or go to the Transportation page.  This page is password protected but access can be emailed to you if you contact the office.

Breakfast & Lunch Orders
Please go to the Food Service page for more information on the program, see menus and learn how to apply for free or reduced-price school lunches. Please note that, in order to qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, a new Application for Educational Benefits must be submitted each year. Any questions on this program can be directed to

2019-20 Application for Educational Benefits
For families who would like to apply for Educational Benefits, the form is now available online through Infinite Campus.  Log in to your Parent Portal > More (bottom of the menu on the left side) > Meal Benefits.  Families will need to complete an application for each school year.  Applications do not carry over from year to year.

Student Medication, Authorization Forms and Plans
Updated authorization forms and care plans are required each year. Required forms and sample plans can be found here. Both prescribed and over-the-counter medications require a Medical Authorization Form with a physician’s signature.  Plan your appointments early!

School Registration through Infinite Campus
Prior to the first day of school, all new families are required to complete the online registration steps for each student through Infinite Campus.   You will be mailed a letter which will include instructions for setting up parent portal access and walk you through registration. Returning families should log in to review and update family contact and messenger preference settings. Messenger preferences will ensure you receive school and teacher communications sent through Infinite Campus.

Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!

Important Dates

August 6 (12:00 pm to 6:00 pm) – All Families Drop-In & Drop-Off Day: Families will have a chance to:

  • drop off student supplies and pay additional supply fees,
  • find out homeroom teacher assignments,
  • complete the online registration process, if not done in advance,
  • turn in Back To School Registration Forms (see below for registration details) and any other required documents,
  • pick up family Back To School Packets
  • deposit money into student lunch accounts, and
  • meet with teachers.

August 6 (6:30 pm) – Parent Information Night for New Families: This presentation is intended to provide families who are new to DaVinci Academy with an overview of common school procedures and expections.  New kindergarten families should plan to attend this event in addition to the Kindergarten Family Conferences (see below for more details).

August 11 – First day of school: Grades 1-8

August 11 & 12 – Kindergarten Family Conferences: Ms. LeSage and Mrs. Creary will contact kindergarten families to schedule a meeting at school on one of these two days.

August 13 – First day of school: Kindergarten

August 14 – Picture Day: Order forms will be sent with pictures

September 18 – Picture Retake Day: For students who missed picture day or want retakes


Back to School Checklist (with dates)
Print this useful Back to School Checklist to make sure you have taken care of all things related to the start of the school year!

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School Supplies
School Purchase/Parent Reimburse items vs Family Responsibility items.  Each school supply list has two types of supplies. The School Purchase/Parent Reimburse supplies are those for which, due to a lack of storage space, DaVinci Academy would prefer parents pay the school at the beginning of the year (amount indicated on the supply list) so that we may purchase them as needed. However, parents always have the option to purchase those items along with the additional Family Responsibility supplies.

Community Supplies.  Please note that most of these supplies will be placed in the classrooms as community supplies and will not be kept by your student.  Please do not label individual items unless noted on the supply list.

Supply Lists

Bus Schedules
Mr. Eldred is working with the bus company to map and finalize the bus routes and satalite stops for the coming school year.  Final bus schedules will be published with the online registration information.  Please refer to the Transportation tab of the Forms & Information page. For specific questions, please email Mr. Eldred or call (763) 754-6577.

Lunch Orders
Around July 24, you will receive a separate email to pre-order August lunches.  For those of you who are new to DaVinci Academy or if you are simply unfamiliar with the lunch program, please check out the Food Service page. There you will find an overview of the program, how to order lunches, and how to apply for free or reduced-price school lunches.  Please note that, in order to qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, a new application must be submitted each year. Any questions on this program can be directed to Mrs. Swearingen.

Back to School Registration – Open Now!
Online Registration Forms
Prior to the first day of school, all families (new and returning) are required to complete the online registration packet for each student through K-12 Online.  You will receive an email when the registration window is open; it will include additional instrucitons along with your login and access code information.  This process allows you to update any personal and emergency contact data, provide current medical information, review and acknowledge select school policies and obtain other important notices.

As this is all done online, you can complete this process from any computer and it should take an average of 15 to 20 minutes per student.  If you need help in any way, feel free to contact the school office or come to school during Drop-In and Drop-off Day and use an available registration computer.  Once you complete this process, you will need to print, sign and return the Registration Form.

Please see below for basic instructions. If you have additional questions, please contact Stephanie Bacigalupo, or Lee Swearingen at (763) 754-6577.

Registration Directions
Once the registration period is open:

  1. Access the Online Registration Program
  2. Select the Back to School Registration tab
  3. Enter the Login ID (which is your child’s Last Name) and the Access Key (you will recieve this in an email after registration has opened).
  4. Click “login” on this page to begin the registration process

Additional Instructions:

  1. Click on the name of the form to view.
  2. Do not skip forms.
  3. Proceed to the next form ONLY when you have received a green “check” mark for completion on your current form
  4. Check that spelling/punctuation/capitalization of all entered names is correct. Please do not enter information in ALL CAPS.
  5. Once you have received all green check marks, you will have an opportunity to verify your registration information for accuracy before printing.
  6. Once you have verified the information, click “Click here to complete registration process.”
  7. You will need to print a Registration Form when you have finished entering your information. Please sign this form and turn into the school office as instructed. You may come to the school to print your form if you don’t have a printer available.
  8. If your student has siblings, you can log into the sibling’s form by clicking the SIBLINGS tab on the main menu.