An "At a Glance" Overview of DaVinci Academy

Welcome, new families! We’re pleased you’re interested in sending your child to DaVinci Academy. While you will find more details on all the information below throughout the site, we’ve compiled this overview of general information to address the questions we frequently get from prospective families.

Another great resource is our FAQ Page, where you will find a comprehensive listing of questions and answers about our school, academics and admissions. If you have additional questions not answered here, don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us call us at (763) 754-6577.

School Demographics

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  • Reward School 6 years in a row (2011-2016)
  • 2016 Blue Ribbon School Recipient
  • 2015 Blue Ribbon School Nominee
  • Over 80% of students meet or exceed state accountability test standards
  • Over 90% Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR)
  • Over 80% Student Proficiency in 2015, and well above state averages

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New Student Enrollment

Enrollment at DaVinci Academy is handled on a lottery basis. The school currently has a waiting list for most grades, but we encourage any interested families to apply their child or children for admission.

DaVinci Academy accepts enrollment applications for students entering grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Application forms from new students received during our open enrollment period, which runs from October to January 31, will be included in our admissions lottery.

We encourage you to visit the Admissions page and review the our Admissions Policy for more details.

DaVinci Academy provides students with the opportunity to purchase catered hot lunches and milk at school. View the current lunch menu and order form on our Food Service page.

Families may apply for free/reduced meals anytime during the school year using the Free & Reduced Lunch Application Packet.  To apply for free/reduced meals, please log in to your parent portal account through Infinite Campus or stop in the office for a paper form.

Transportation Services

The DaVinci Academy busing system is different from most traditional public schools.

DaVinci Academy does not offer door to door busing service to any families unless a child has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) that reflects the need for special transportation. DaVinci Academy uses community bus stops to serve the students. The bus routes and stops are determined by the bus company, Kottke’s Bus Company, Inc., in coordination with the school, and are created by using the following guiding principles:

  1. Community-based bus stops:  Publicly accessible places where families can safely wait with their kids in the morning and wait for them in the afternoon, and where the bus can easily access and maneuver. We also require permission from the establishment for use of their parking lot twice each day.
  2. Maximum 50 minute average ride (assuming good weather and normal traffic).  This implies shorter distances and fewer stops.
  3. Generally stop within the Anoka Hennepin school district boundaries and no stops further than 1.5 miles outside the Anoka Hennepin school district boundaries.

A preliminary set of stops is communicated to families in spring of the preceding year and families are required to choose the stop that they will be using for the following school year using a school designed form. Routes are then adjusted based on numbers and a final bus stop listing is presented to parents before the next school year begins.

If you want more information on the bus service DaVinci Academy offers, including specifics on whether the busing option might work for you and your child, please send us a message or call the office at (763) 754-6577.

dav-uniformsThe purpose of the Uniform Policy is to minimize distraction and focus students’ attention on their work at school rather than their attire, and to project a unified school image, which is proper and neat in appearance, reflecting the important work of the school.

The dress code is also a means to support and promote the mission and vision of the school.

For more information please review the Uniform Policy and Guidelines (Policy 504)

DaVinci Academy follows a “year-round” school calendar: students start school the second week of August and continue through the third week of June each year, with approximately 6 weeks for a summer break.

The rationale for this calendar is that students retain more over the short break, and it reduces the time spent gearing up and re-teaching each fall.

We take more frequent breaks during the school year and find that the breaks are good for both students and teachers as they help keep both from burning out during the year. Breaks also provide teachers and administrators time to review data, refresh lesson plans based on that data, and prepare for the next unit of instruction.

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