A Cornerstone of DaVinci's Educational Program

Science education prepares students to inquire, learn, solve problems, and make informed decisions. It inspires curiosity and critical thinking. And perhaps equally as important, science is fun!

At DaVinci Academy, we teach students how to approach difficult problems through innovative thinking. Through experimentation, students learn how to observe, analyze, create hypotheses, and test their ideas. As Albert Einstein said, “The mind that opens to a new idea will never return to its original size.” During the Scientific Process, students experience successes, which help build confidence, and roadblocks, which teach acceptance of failure.

Our focus on science also fosters collaboration. Science does not take place in isolation. Students work together throughout the process, developing both academic and social skills.

Here are just some of the unique science offerings for students at DaVinci Academy:

  • STEM class. Students in grades K-5 attend STEM class once a week, where they focus on innovation, collaboration, and experimentation.
  • ZOOMS STEM Design Challenge. Sponsored by the MN Zoo, students participate in authentic STEM design challenges with zoo animals in mind. This yearlong project, which focuses on creativity, math, science, and engineering skills, culminates with a final competition. Many DaVinci Academy teams have advanced to the finals – in fact in 2019, 20% of the teams across the state that advanced to the finals were from DaVinci!
  • Science Fair and Inventors Fair. Students in 4th and 8th grade participate in science fairs. Judges are brought in and the projects/inventions are displayed for families and the school community. One of the inventions, the “Peticure Station,” was featured with its DaVinci Academy inventors on the Jimmy Fallon Show.
  • After-school enrichment opportunities. A large range of activities are offered; some of the recent scientific offerings include Awesome Engineering, Code Games with Roblox Studio, and LEGO Robotics
  • Intersession. Regular classes are suspended during a week-long intersession each spring so students can focus on an area of interest. Past intersession topics include Outdoor Exploration, Dinosaurs, Camping, and Messy Science.