Beyond The Classroom - Academics

DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science offers a variety of after school classes from 3:15-4:15 p.m. Some classes are taught by teachers and staff members employed by the school and some of the classes are offered by outside vendors such as Young Rembrandts, Mad Science or Kim’s Taekwondo Center.

There are 4 sessions that are 6 or 7 weeks in length of extra curricular activities offered through the year. DaVinci Academy classes are $7.00 per class and external company classes vary in price.  This year, dates for the classes are as follows:

  • Session 1 (6 weeks) September 4- October 12 – Registration Deadline August 20
  • Session 2 (7 Weeks) October 22 – December 14 – Registration Deadline September 20
  • Session 3 (6 weeks) January 7 – February 15 – Registration Deadline December 20
  • Session 4 (7 Weeks) March 18 – May 3 – Registration Deadline February 20

See the list of classes available for this session and sign-up online!

Beyond the Classroom - Athletics

DaVinci Academy’s student athletes play sports to compete and have fun being active with friends. While they play for the love of the game, they enrich themselves with experience that benefits their social, academic, and emotional growth. Our coaches, teachers, and parents work together to ensure our student athletes are performing in their academics and in their sport. We offer a unique mix of competitive and club sports that will continue to grow along with our school spirit.

Season            Grades
Soccer (co-ed)      K-8 This year offered through Blaine Soccer Club 

Registration is now closed.

Basketball            2-8

Submit your Basketball Athletics Waiver here