DaVinci Academy Has Expanded.

DaVinci Academy has expanded.  We are in our new building located in Ham Lake.  Below is the timeline of the expansion.  Please check back to see updates as projects are completed.

Front Picture New School

Expansion Timeline


September, 2017

The gym is painted, shot clocks and hoops are up and we are ready for the floor.  

September, 2017

Logo in the atrium is starting to look good.

August 15th, 2017

School begins and lunch is served in the new kitchem. Notice the blue polo shirts on the middle school students. Hopefully the sound panels on the wall and ceiling will keep the noise level comfortable.

End of August, 2017

The soccer field is in and the drain field is seeded. We've started to get cabinets for some classrooms.

Beginning of August, 2017

Last preparations before we have occupancy and school can begin.

End of July, 2017

Our elevator got installed and some of us got to see it from the inside.  Our library fireplace got framed in and the ground was levelled outside for the playground.

July 21st, 2017

Finished moving out of the Blaine building.   Bitter sweet.

July 2017

Moving out of the old building took quite a while. Moving in to the new building was done with a forklift through the windows of the 2nd and third floor. The science lab and art rooms got sealed concrete floors and painting throughout the building continued.

Mid-June 2017

The path around the pond has been groomed and the Blaine building was packed up.

Early June 2017

Windows are being installed and the parking lot is in.

Early May, 2017

We have a new staircase going from the 2nd to 3rd floor and the auditorium stage and floor has been poured.

Late March 2017

Sheet rocking has started on the 2nd floor, and the base of the grand staircase has been poured.

Late March 2017

The roof is on in the gym.

March, 2017

Starting to frame on the 2nd floor.  This is a breakout space.

Late February, 2017

Sandblasting our logo onto the north wall of the building.

December 29, 2016

This is the Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Middle School Language Arts wing. We now have 3 floors!

December 1, 2016

November, 2016

Check out this great picture and video one of our students Aidan captured with his drone. Can you see our pond and the walking trail around it?  What a beautiful site for a school! pict0007

Late October, 2016

Footings and foundation walls going in.footingsjpg

October 11, 2016

Starting to dig the foundation.  Let's hope the weather holds out! starting-to-dig

September 29, 2016

Builder's summary of project to date.

August, 2016

Demolition of Ham Lake site begins.Demo begins

June 20, 2016

Groundbreaking Ceremony at the new site. 532 Bunker Lake Boulevard. Watch the video

May 2, 2016

Approved by Ham Lake City Council

November 2015

Chose Ham Lake site

September 2015

Formed Affiliated Building Company (ABC)

August 2015

Contracted with Rivera Architects and Rochon Corporation to design and build

July 2015

Hired Kou Vang as builder’s representative

June 2015

CSP Federal Planning Grant approved

January 2015

Began site search

March 2013

Submitted application to authorizer to expand.

August 2014

Community Market Research completed.

November 2014

Approval of replication/expansion plan

Front picture new school 2

24-25 Academic Calendar Changes

There have been a few changes to the 24-25 Academic Calendar.
Please be sure to download the most recent version below.
Added No School Days:
October 21, 2024
Jan 31, 2025
March 28, 2025